About You Should Be So Lucky- the 5 W’s

Posted March 28th, 2012 by lisameri
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What’s it all about?
A burnt-out social worker’s life is thrown into a frenzy when she’s forced to take in her parents who are newly divorced and homeless.

Who wrote it?
Writer-Producer Lisa Meri, AKA Musician-Songwriter-Composer Lisa Meri, who decided to write and produce independent narrative feature films because it’s much more stable and a lot more lucrative than a lifelong career in the music industry.

Where will it be shot?
In Massachusetts, of course. Where else would a Jewish New Yorker go, besides Florida?

When will shooting begin?
As soon as we secure enough financing (we’re working on it), or we win a lottery, or a rich old uncle bequeaths a large sum of money to Lisa (this doesn’t look too promising).

Why do you want to learn more about this movie?
Because it will make you laugh!